Mail Drops

If you live along the Appalachian Trail, and are interested in meeting up, or would be available for slackpacks (we would love you forever), please email with the area you live near, how many days notice you need, and the best way to contact you.

If you are interested in sending me a letter, postcard, gorp, sherpa, etc...please email with a note about who you are (and how I know you - if I do!). AWE will be checking this email account, and she will let you know our expected arrival dates for the towns below.

First, some general instructions: To make sure your packages arrive at their destination, address labels should include at least:
  1. the hiker's proper full name (i.e. not a trailname);
  2. a valid return address;
  3. a request to "Hold for AT Hiker"; and
  4. an estimated arrival date.
Please do not send packages too early (mail can be returned after two weeks of non-collection).

Packages are typically sent 1st Class or Priority. While a little more expensive, Priority mailing is reliable (3-4 days to reach its destination) and allows us to "bump" packages further along without incurring a second mailing expense.

First class packages require at least a week's clearance to reliably proceed a hiker. Priority typically takes 3-4 days to reach its destination. Ground mail (i.e. second class) can take ten or more days.
To: zag or OWL (remember - real names only)
Please Hold For AT Hiker
Expected Date: MM-DD-YYYY
Some more info about maildrops.

Now...the dates below are estimates for the first half of the journey. We'll be stopping at more post offices along the way, but we'll DEFINITELY be stopping here:
  • Fontana Dam, NC 28733
  • Hot Springs, NC 28743
  • Damascus, VA 24236
  • Pearisburg, VA 24134
  • Waynesboro, VA 22980
You don't have to send me a huge care package - just a postcard or letter would be awesome. Getting "real mail" from people I know and miss is an amazing thing. (If you include a SASE I'll write you a letter. And if you decide to include some atomic fireballs, more power to ya). Other things I like: single serve koolaid or gatorade packets, jolly ranchers, mountain house beef stroganoff or lasagna or spaghetti, beef jerky, dried fruit, nuts (especially shelled pistachios, walnuts, cashews, or salt & vinegar almonds).

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